14 - 18 JANUARY 2019    |    Sport Science Institute of South Africa, Boundary Road, Newlands






DATE: Mon 14th – Fri 18th January 2019

VENUE: Sport Science Institute of South Africa, Boundary Road, Newlands


Geriatrics: Mon 14th January 2019

Nutrition and Dietetics: Tues 15th January 2019

General Conference: Wed 16th – Fri 18th January 2019



Monday 14th January 2019: Geriatrics
  08h00 – 08h30                     REGISTRATION & TEA
Session I: Geriatrics: Mental Health                                                               Chair: Dr Dianne Matthews
08h30 – 09h10 An approach to assessing older patients in general practice Dr Leon Geffen
09h10-09h50 Diagnosis and management of Dementia Prof Marc Combrinck
09h50 – 10h30 Depression in older patients Dr Carla Freeman
  10h30 - 11h00                                         TEA
Session II: Geriatrics: Pharmaco-therapeutics/Common Problems Chair: Dr Rene Krause
11h00 – 11h40 The risks and uses of antipsychotics in older persons Dr Ingrid Eloff
11h40 – 12h20 Multi-morbidity and medication Dr Kathleen Ross
12h20 – 13h00 Cognitive assessment at the bedside Dr Kathleen Ross
  13h00 – 14h00                                       LUNCH
Session III: Geriatrics: Mixed Topics Chair: Dr Tsepo Motsohi
14h00 – 14h40 Recognising and Managing frailty Dr Faheema Parker
14h40 – 15h20 The falling patient Dr Linda de Villiers
15h20 – 16h00 Palliative care with Dementia and the Family Dr Lee Miller

Tuesday 15th January 2019: Nutrition and Dietetics

  08h00 – 08h30                       REGISTRATION & TEA
Session IV: Nutrition and Dietetics: Chronic Diseases Chair: Dr Tasleem Ras
08h30 – 09h10 Diet and weight loss: A current perspective. Mr Gabriel Eksteen
09h10 – 9h50 Inflammation and disease development: Dietary strategies and nutritional supplementation for decreasing inflammation Prof Marjanne Senekal
09h50 – 10h30 Vegan and vegetarian dietary patterns for weight management and health. Ms Kerry Sexton
  10h30 – 11h00                                         TEA
Session V: Nutrition and Dietetics: Women and Child Health Chair: Dr Tasleem Ras
11h00 – 11h40 Infant and Childhood Feeding Behaviour and Challenges Ms Sharmilah Booley
11h40 – 12h20 Dietary treatment and nutritional supplementation for ADHD/ADD. Dr Janetta Harbron
12h20 – 13h00 Gestational weight gain, weight management for the overweight or obese pregnant women and pregnancy food myths. Ms Baheya Najaar
  13h00 – 14h00                                       LUNCH
Session VI: Nutrition and Dietetics: Mixed B Chair: Dr Elma de Vries
14:00 – 14:40 Understanding food labelling laws and comparisons between nutrient content of common foods. Mrs Marieke Theron
14:40 – 15:20 Dietary therapy, nutritional supplements and maintenance of nutritional status at cancer diagnosis, during treatment and palliative care. Mrs Megan Blacker
15:20 – 16:00 Update on medical nutrition therapy guidelines for diabetes and 2 case-study presentations on glucose control and fasting during Ramadan and another. Mrs Nasreen Jaffer
Wednesday 16th January 2019: General Conference
08h00 – 08h30                     REGISTRATION & TEA
SESSION 1: Energy X-ray Trading and Sonoscape Ultrasound Practical Workshop A+Common GP Problems Mixed Bag Chair: Dr Nazlie Beckett
08h30 – 09h10 Oral Health Dr Diego Blazquez
09h10 – 09h50 Antimicrobial stewardship Prof Sipho Dlamini
09h50 – 10h30 Circumcision and the latest evidence-based approaches in Primary Care Dr Norman Goldstuck
  10h30 – 11h00                                 TEA
SESSION 2: Energy X-ray Trading and Sonoscape Ultrasound Practical Workshop B+ Common GP Problems: Dermatology Chair: Dr Nazlie Beckett
11h00 – 11h40 Biopsy of suspicious lesions Prof Rannakoe Lehloenya
11h40 – 12h20 Is straightening hair with chemicals safe? Ms Ntombenhle Sishi
12h20 – 13h00 Common Paediatric skin conditions in General Practice Dr Jonathan Smith
  13h00 – 14h00                             LUNCH
SESSION 3: Energy X-ray trading and Sonoscape Ultrasound Practical Workshop C: Musculoskeletal Chair: Dr Tsepo Motsohi
14h00 – 14h40 Fibromyalgia/back pain Dr Ayanda Gcelu
14h40 – 15h20 Approach to Sprains/rehab in general Ms Gretha Geldenhuys
15h20 – 16h00 Serious about sarcomas: An Orthopods approach. Dr Thomas Hilton


Thursday 17th January 2019: General Conference

  08h00 – 08h30             REGISTRATION & TEA
SESSION 4: Common GP Problems -Cardiovascular                                 Chair: Dr Dianne Matthews
08h30 – 09h10 Latest IHD and cardiac failure for GPs Dr Shaheen Pandie
09h10 – 09h50 Hypertension latest for GPs (diagnosis and guidelines) Dr Zita Kerbelker
09h50 – 10h30 Troponin T and I and point of care tests Dr Fierdoz Omar
  10h30 – 11h00                           TEA
  SESSION 5: Common GP Problems-Mixed Bag Chair: Dr Mosedi Namane
11h00 – 11h40 Infertility Dr Malika Patel
11h40 – 12h20 Clinical Sexology: what you need to know in Primary Care Dr Anthony Smith
12h20 – 13h00 A practical approach to an allergic child in primary care. Dr Tshegofatso Mabelane
  13h00 – 14h00                       LUNCH
  SESSION 6: Common GP Problems-ENT Chair: Dr Graham Bresick
14h00 – 14h40 Common Myths and Missed diagnoses in ENT Dr Azgher Karjieker
14h40 – 15h20 Rapid Screening Tool For Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Sleep Disordered Breathing Dr Sauleigh Kamedien
15h20 – 16h00 Audiology update Ms Shanaaz Marlie


Friday 18th January 2019: General Conference

  08h00 – 08h30           REGISTRATION & TEA  
  SESSION 7: Common GP Problems-Mental Health Chair: Dr Elma de Vries  
08h30 – 09h10 Anxiety disorders, an Overview Dr Candice Jacobson  
09h10 – 09h50 Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD: latest approaches and trends Dr Qhama Cossie  
09h50 – 10h30 Promoting Core human connectedness as a Public health intervention in primary care Dr Mariam Karjiker  
  10h30 – 11h00                         TEA  
  SESSION 8: Bioethics Chair: Dr Angela De Sa  
11h00 – 11h40 Euthanasia and latest debates Dr David Cameron  
11h40 – 12h20 Recreational and medical use of Cannabis: ethical, legal and socio-political landscape Prof Keymanthri Moodley  
12h20 – 13h00 Cyberchondria our ethical duty Dr Saville Furman  
                                   CLOSURE & LUNCH